Sunday, June 5, 2011

"You'll make a blogger out of me yet...."

One of our goals this year was to start {and keep} a blog up and running! We have lots of friends and family members who don't get to see us as often as we'd like to see them so what better way to keep in touch than a blog!.... right?

SO to briefly catch you up on the latest Kirk happenings at #15 here's what you need to know:

* Amanda has been addicted to Raspberry Sweet Tea from Sonic and spending any free summer moment at the Fountainbleau Apartment Pool.

*Brandon is still fervently trying {and trying, and trying, and trying} to get a new job. He still works at Wal-Mart in Electronics. Hopefully, we'll be able to actually get one of his applications to shine through this crazily political hiring process. Darn you Wells Fargo! Please pray that God shows Brandon where he needs to be SOONish.

*Amanda has picked up crocheting and we're sure you'll see some of her projects on here. She's working on two blankets right now.... She also wants to start extreme couponing and getting stellar deals on groceries! She also is still on Weight Watchers and has currently lost 10lbs on her journey. She loves to exercise on her Wii Fit!

So, hopefully that let's you know where we are. Not too much going on, but then again, isn't that a good thing sometimes?

Have a great Summer and I'm sure you'll hear from us soon!!

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  1. A couple notes on 'extreme' couponing:

    Beware, a lot of people do it for a while, get discouraged, and drop out before they ever see any real savings. It takes a while to get a system started and get a good hang of it!

    Speaking as a former child dragged to Kroger every other Thursday at midnight, it's not for everybody. You're going to have to be prepared to be a butthole every once in a while, or extreme couponing will not work for you. These stores do NOT want to give you stuff, and they will do anything they can to stop you. So, get used to having to fight for what you want, get used to the cashier seeing you come up and flipping the light to 'blink' mode with an annoyed look on their face. Be prepared to deal with cranky managers, and be prepared for the stores you frequent to hate seeing you walk in their doors. If you can handle all that, great for you, more power to you, and I wish you all the best! :)